Growing up, I thought that documentaries were the most boring form of entertainment. Actually, I wouldn't even call it entertainment. It wasn't until I got my Netflix account in 2012 that I watched one that I enjoyed. It became an obsession for me to find cool and sometimes bizarre documentaries about subjects that I found interesting. Now, I watch documentaries all the time. As I was looking for my next great doc, I ran across these documentaries about Boise!


Made In Boise
This documentary follows four Treasure Valley women carrying babies for other people. It shows how Boise became the United States' surrogacy capital.

Untapped: The Story of Beer In Boise
Untapped is a short documentary about how Boise has become such a big beer town. From our first local brewery to being featured in 101 different categories at the Great American Beer Fest, the Super Bowl of beer making.

No Greater Law
Idaho is one of just a few states that doesn't prosecute when faith healing goes wrong, and someone dies. No Greater Law is a documentary that investigates faith healing in the Treasure Valley. This was nominated for several news awards, and it was released by A&E Television.

The Fall of 55
In the Fall of 1955, many Boise men were prosecuted and served sentences of six months to life in prison because of a significant police investigation of gay men. The story gained national attention, even getting a piece in Time Magazine.

Add The Words
This is the story of the fight to get the words "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" added to the Idaho Human Rights Act. The film was crowdfunded about six years ago.

First Circle
This isn't your typical meth lab documentary. In addition to this one being set in Boise, it also shows an entirely different side. It shows what happens when the drug dealers or the meth cookers have children. When the police put the parents in jail, the kids live with foster parents. You go inside Boise's Meth problem and the Boise Foster Care system

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