Say we could build you a working time machine that took you back to any decade. Which decade would you choose? 

If you could picture yourself wearing a poodle skirt every day, not just on Halloween, the 1950s may be the perfect decade for you! Things were certainly simpler back then. Women of all ages, not just kids, loved hoola hoops. That dreamboat from homeroom that you had a serious crush on was rocking some serious sideburns whether his choice outerwear was a letterman's sweater or leather jacket. You'd day dream of him whisking you away to date night at the soda shop or drive-in movie where he asked you to the school's biggest sock hop of the year. If it didn't happen? You'd sit in your bedroom listening to records from real men like Elvis and Johnny Cash.

Yeah, after the hellscape that 2020 has given us, the 1950s sound like a great decade to escape to! And if you happen to hit the Powerball on Saturday night, you'd have more than enough money to buy this Meridian home that would let you do exactly that!

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The 10,059 square foot home is currently on the market for $3.5 million. The elegant home boasts an impressive 8 bedrooms, 6.5 half baths, 8 patios and private yoga studio but what impresses us the most is the hidden 1950s style, Coca Cola themed 50s diner on it's bottom floor! I have some friends who's grandfather was a long time Coke memorabilia collector and I wish that he was still alive to see what these homeowners constructed in what's essentially their basement!

Check it and some other cool features out!

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