One of the YouTube videos of this incredible natural waterslide said "the water is ice cold but so worth it." Ice cold water during the peak of the heat wave that's currently frying Idaho? Yes, please! 

A few months ago, we shared with you that a teeny, tiny Idaho town near the Canadian border got named as Thrillist's #1 Summertime Lake Town. That town? Priest Lake, home to less than 2,000 full time residents, 70 miles of shoreline and more huckleberry desserts than you know what to do with. It's also where you'll find Priest Lake State Park and Lionhead Campground.

Take a sign-less, gravel road for about five miles beyond the campground and you'll find a trailhead that takes you on a beautiful summer hike to a wild, natural waterslide that's been hidden in the forest for years. As the Spokesman-Review tells the story, it's believed that a logger stumbled across it on the job. They gave it a few test runs and then eventually started spreading the word to locals in the area.

You can find a ton of YouTube videos showing off the slide and what the hike to get there is like. One thing you'll notice in almost all of them is that people are wearing garbage bags as dresses or skirts. They're a must for a few reasons. The rock here is pretty smooth, but at the end of the's still rock. The garbage bags provide a little protection against scrapes and cuts. There's also less drag between you and the rock, so it makes sliding easier and faster!

Trek with Kids put together one of the best (and most adorable) guides to enjoying a day on the water slide that we've seen! It's also one of the most recent, so it gives you a really great idea of what to expect when you get there!

A Note From the Author: We firmly believe that all Idahoans should have the opportunity to learn about the cool things in the state that they call home and that's why we share fun family excursions with our Idaho based audience. That said, we know there's been a concern about out of towners ruining fun experiences with trash and bad behavior. We DO NOT condone that at all. If you visit this natural water slide or any of the road trip ideas we've shared on our website, please follow the principles of "Leave No Trace." Pack in, pack out. Leave the area better than you found it so generations of Idahoans can enjoy fun destinations for years to come. 

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