If you've ever been a broke college student, all those late nights of ordering delivery is about to pay off in the best way possible.

According to the Daily Meal, breakfast cereal may be stepping down as the king of the breakfast table. Its replacement isn't fruit, or a protein bar, or something that would pop in your head when you think of the word "healthy." Nope, it's sooooo much better than whatever you're thinking about.

They spoke to a nutritionist who claims that pizza can be healthier than some breakfast cereals. But how is that even possible? Due to the protein, carbs, and sometimes even vegetables, a slice of pie can be better for you and even contain less calories than a bowl of cereal with whole milk.

Is it accurate? Is there scientific evidence to back it up? Who cares I'm eating pizza for breakfast forever! No word yet on if this study has anything to do with the vandals who dressed Boise's Lincoln statue in a pizza costume.

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