There are certain things you learn when you get married. Usually you find out who is better at what, which usually means she does everything better than you.  One of the things I've found out is, Brenda will lose things.  She is famous for putting something in a safe place and then forgetting where that safe place is. I, on the other hand, don't lose anything and become somewhat difficult to live with if you decide to touch something of mine.

About a year ago, Brenda lost her keyfob. Since that time we've been using mine. this keyfob has the key for our car and the radio station on it. It looks just like the one Brenda misplaced a year ago. I used to have an extra key ring on it from when we went to Disney World 12 years ago, but Brenda made me take it off.

We use the keyfob to get in and out of the station, so after we arrive at work, I set it on the desk in the studio. Today, I went to the kitchen to get my mid morning snack, when I spotted something that looked familiar on the kitchen table and sure enough it was my keyfobs.

At some time Brenda is going to have to go...and she will need the keyfob. When that moment comes, I'm gonna' tell her I haven't seen it and see where it goes. That should be all good, until she reads this and then I'm in the dog house for her setting the keyfob down and walking away.

So guys, this is an exercise in how not matter what, you are wrong, which is in the fine print in the marriage license. No really, it's in the fine, fine, fine, need a microscope print.

Kevin Mee