Mechanic Yoga
Saturday Night while Brenda and I were on our date, which doesn't happen very often, we got a call from our youngest son Kody.  Come to find out, he was downtown too, which is cool, since our kids actually like hanging out with their parents.
More Colors Of The Greenbelt
As I take bike rides this fall, I will be taking and sharing pictures from our greenbelt.  With the weather holding on there will be more this week.  The shots I'm adding are from the ride Brenda and I took Saturday.
Today I have to install a new clothes dryer and finish my mechanic yo…
I absolutely hate being called "Dude."  Every time it's ever happened, it's been done in a derogatory way, usually by someone who got attacked by a nail gun, lost a bet on a haircut or managed to have a tattoo artist on crack do the artwork on them. One...
Mother's Day Purse Party
107.9 Lite FM's Brenda joined the Downtown Boise Association in honoring some of Boise's best moms with a Purse Party and lunch at Lucky Fin's in Downtown Boise! Nine lucky moms got to pick purses filled with goodies and gift cards from wonderful businesses around Boise - total value …
(This selfie is available for purchase...)
Since man first had precious items, or at least NFL collectibles he thought were precious, he needed keys.  Now of course keys are needed for everything, basically because if we don't keep them in our control they will walk off...

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