2021 was an emotional rollercoaster for Idaho lottery players who pin their lottery dreams on the multi-state Powerball game. 

In early March, it looked like Powerball would no longer be offered in Idaho because the game planned to expand into Australia and the United Kingdom. The way that Idaho law is written, we're prohibited from participating in multi-national lottery games. There was a bill proposed in the House State Affair Committee to try and save the Powerball, but it was shot down. Some of the lawmakers opposed to the bill were opposed because they were worried that Australia would use their money for anti-gun causes. Insert eye roll here.

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Fortunately, for Idahoans who routinely buy their Powerball tickets, the game is sticking around for now. In April, Powerball announced that their international expansion was delayed and won't happen until at least 2022.

On the date Powerball was originally scheduled to leave Idaho, it actually have us something to be more excited about! Beginning on August 23, the game added a third weekly draw to the game. Numbers are now picked on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, giving the jackpot a chance to grow more quickly!

And that it has. The jackpot's getting big again and now might be the time for you to play!

Based on previous winners, these are some of the luckiest locations to buy your tickets at in the Treasure Valley! BTW, not only do the winners make big bucks, these stores also receive a nice size bonus for selling a winning ticket attached to a top prize!

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