Forgive me for being a skeptic, but in the day and age of everyone having a nice camera in their pockets thanks to smart phones shouldn't there be more pictures of these things?

With Halloween just a few weeks away people always tend to be a little more into the paranormal or things that just can't logically be UFOs.  That's why I wanted to point out that there have been 28 UFO sightings reported here in Boise alone and a handful of surrounding cities like Meridian, Eagle and Nampa.

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The National UFO Reporting Center has been keeping track of UFO sightings since 1974.  They keep the most up to date directory of UFO sightings in North America and allows people who think that they've seen something from another planet to file a report through their website.  That's where I found the stories about UFOs reported over the Boise. Here's some of the ones reported by actual humans rather than something called a MADAR Node.

January 1, 2020

Well, it’s only appropriate that just two minutes into this bizarre year someone claims to have seen a giant red brilliant craft zooming across the new January sky. The person who reported it claims that the lights coming from the circular craft were three times larger than those put off by early aircrafts. While they claim to have video proof shot on a camera phone, it was not attached to the report on NUFORC’s website.

February 19, 2020

I’ve always wanted a UFO sighting for my birthday! (Kidding.) The person behind this report claims that they were outside with their girlfriend when they noticed something that looked like a satellite in the sky. After watching it for 30 seconds, another one started coming their way from the same direction as the first. A total of 9 lights traveled along the same path before disappearing behind a tree in the yard. They never blinked or changed color.

May 19, 2020

This report claims that a yellow-orange triangle shaped air craft was seen flying northwest toward the foothills. An entire family saw the aircraft before about five minutes before it disappeared from sight.

A second report came in the same night, claiming that there were three lights flying in a triangular pattern toward the same direction. They were said to be amber color and eventually changed to red.

A third report ALSO claimed to have seen three amber lights flying in a perfect triangle northwest toward Bogus. While they claim to be UFO skeptics, the reporter said this really scared them. As it should...they were the third person to see the lights that night!

August 8, 2020

This sighting went on for over an hour and the person behind the report was so sure that they were viewing something out of the ordinary that they actually placed a call to KTVB. According to the report a very reflective, round object appeared in the sky and sat stationary. Wanting to get a better look than their binoculars could provide, the viewer pulled out a more powerful spotting scope. Being able to zoom in, the viewer realized it was a semi round object with two very distinct rows of lights that curved downward. While they couldn't take photos or videos through their scope, the image is burned in their minds and they claim to be able to draw it.

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