Halloween night we (Brenda and I) are going to go on a live ghost hunt, or paranormal investigation as the pro hunters call it.

The fun part is we will be broadcasting it on Periscope so if we find a ghost you will not only see it, but you will see who runs, who passes out and who wets their pants. I'm so stoked.

Now here's the problem. We are trying to find a place where we will run into a ghost. You can go online and find places, but we want to know the really haunted places, not the supposed ones.

We will be tagging along with the crew of "Ghostumentery" which should be fun, or scary, or the next episode of "Scream Queens."

Brenda and I've had some really cool experiences, especially at the Old Idaho State Pen.  But here's where we need your help.  Do you know of a place that is haunted, or even better, can you help us get into a haunted place.  Either drop us a line at kevin.mee@townsquaremedia.com or leave your idea in the comment section.

Kevin Mee