Remember when we used to get out of the house and do fun things, and not worry about touching a germy surface?  We just went.  Boise still has plenty of safe spaces, but some are safer than others.

If the gym is open, I am there.  I've been working out at the gym throughout the pandemic on treadmills, bikes, and free weights, and haven't caught anything more than a sore muscle.  Do you feel safe at the gym?  I do.  I've been swimming in the pool at my gym almost daily too, and so far so good.

It's no big surprise, but the gym is not the safest place to be if you're out and about, according to a new study.  And neither is the salon.  I've had several mani-pedis and a few haircuts (masked up), and it's all been just fine, and hopefully, that's been the case for you too.

The safest public place to be?  A museum.

A new study says the risk of getting COVID-19 through aerosol particles is lower in museums than it is in supermarkets, restaurants, offices, and on public transportation.  They looked at the quality of the airflow, the type of activity carried out in the space, and the dose of aerosol particles inhaled by people in a room.  Museum visitors have automatic tendencies to social distance, knowing it's polite not to tailgate the next person when you're looking at exhibits, and that works out well in a pandemic world.

The Treasure Valley has some great, safe places to visit and they all have plans in place to sanitize, comply with capacity orders, and help us stay entertained during spring break, or during any ole week.

5 Boise Museums to Visit:

Idaho State History Museum - The Museum is using timed entry right now for 50 visitors per hour. Group sizes are limited to a maximum of 30 people.

Boise Art Museum - They've made the experience low-touch or no-touch, and they've sanitized throughout the building.

Basque Museum & Culture Center - The boardinghouse is temporarily closed to visitors, but most of the center is open Tuesday through Saturday.

World Center for Birds of Prey - Tickets are limited and must be purchased before visiting.

Old Idaho Penitentiary - Open daily with timed entry available to 50 visitors per hour.  Individual buildings and exhibits are limited to 10 guests at one time.

Museums have endured a lot over the past year, dealing with closures and restrictions, and now that they're open (and among the safest places to visit), it's the perfect time to show them some love and support.  And it gets us out of the house!  Netflix and video games will be there when we get back.

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