Our son has a friend Daniel who called us asking to help a Paris terrorist victim who will be coming to Boise this Christmas.  He wants to show her there is hope.  Here is her story.

Julia's her name.  Her home was destroyed in a fire the week before the Paris attacks.  She had gone to Paris to just get away from losing everything in her house fire. Julia was in Stada and was out on the streets enjoying a Friday night with friends when the first bomb went off.  She and her friends ran looking for shelter, but that shelter would end up being the worst place to be.

They ran into the Bataclan, where terrorists were in the process of gunning down concert goers.  As they ran in, the raid by the terrorists started.  Julia, her friends and others ended up being taken hostage by the terrorists.  Some of the hostages were children and the terrorists were threatening them. Julia went to protect the children and was trying to get them away when the terrorists started shooting. With no real regard to her own safety Julia shielded the children with her body and was shot 7 times.

Julia's friend who ran into the Bataclan with her, rushed to her aid and was shot and killed on top of her. The Bataclan was stormed by police. While that was happening, someone managed to drag Julia out. She was taken to the hospital where to the amazement of doctors, Julia managed to survive being shot 7 times.

Julia is still in a hospital in Paris awaiting at least one more surgery. She is very guarded with the story, not only because she is a shy person, but she is also still afraid of the evil that put her in the hospital and killed her friend.

As for the two children, Julia did save their lives. She doesn't consider herself any sort of hero, she only wishes her friend didn't die trying to save her, that's the person she considers a real hero.

Julia planned on coming to Boise for Christmas and hopes to still make it happen.  Daniel is trying to make her stop in the Treasure Valley not only a relief from what's happened, but is trying to replace some of the things she lost and really make her time here special. He wants to give her hope again.

Here is a list of things Daniel is trying to get. If you want to help, you can pick something off the list and drop it off at the station, where we will make sure Julia gets it when she comes to the Treasure Valley.

Gift baskets, beauty products; nails/bubble bath/scents/etc. Scented candles, gingerbread house making kit (she really likes Christmas) or cookie dough. Hot chocolate/mug, snacks/treats (You really can't go wrong here. She loves everything; (chocolate, banana bread, jerky, fruits, etc), cute beanies/scarves/gloves. Anything Christmas. Daniel would love the chance to take her to go see Christmas lights and to do any sort of Christmas event.

If you have questions, leave me a message at kevin.mee@townsquaremedia.com or call us here at the station.

Kevin Mee