It happens almost every time you talk to someone about where we live - especially if they've never been here - but could Idaho grapes be as ubiquitous as Idaho potatoes? 

It probably wont be equal, but Idaho is becoming better known for the quality of our grape crops. recently reported that Idaho grapes are becoming more well-known in the wine world, and could rival California for cabernet and merlot crops, match up with Oregon for pino noir, and give Washington some competition for chardonnay.  They also point out the quality of the Idaho grape crops will rival the best in the world of wine.

So is the Idaho wine grape industry a new thing?  Not really.  In fact, they been growing in our state almost since it was formed, but we still run far behind neighboring states and better known wine country with only around 1500 vineyards.  Most are about an hour west of the Treasure Valley.

One of the other unique facets of the Idaho wine industry is the substantial role that women play.  Our two best known wineries are Ste. Chapelle and Sawtooth, but there are many more to discover too.

If you love wine, it may well be another reason you love living in Idaho.

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