Amazon delivered a wrong item to my house this holiday season, and I wrapped it and put it under the tree so we weren't aware of it until Christmas morning when my daughter opened the gift. It was a surprise on so many levels.

I ordered a gel memory foam mattress and ended up with a 150-pound combination lock safe.

How do these things happen?  Both boxes are big and heavy and the items cost around this same amount, so I'm thinking the good person at the Amazon warehouse in charge of filling my order pulled both boxes off the shelf, printed a label for the mattress that should have been headed to my house, got distracted when he or she had to briefly dodge out of the path of an oncoming forklift, got back to the task at hand, and accidentally put my mattress label on the expensive jewelry holder instead.

The strangest part of the story may be that I wrapped the safe and put it under the tree. How dumb!  Whoops.

When the huge box was delivered to the front steps in late November, I remember thinking it was a little odd because the box said "SentrySafe."  But I checked the delivery notification in my Amazon account, and it said my mattress had been delivered and there was a picture of my mattress on the notification so I trusted the contents regardless of what the label on the box told me it was.  We wrapped the huge box and put it under the tree, and when my daughter opened the package on Christmas morning and also became confused by the label, I assured her it was a mattress.  Ha!  A family member helped lug the incredibly heavy hunk of lead upstairs to her bedroom, and it was then that we discovered the outside of the box wasn't lying.  It was indeed a combination lock safe.  Parental fail.

BUT, returns are easy, and a very strong UPS driver is coming to my house to pick up the safe today, to haul it back to the Amazon warehouse.  The new mattress will be delivered tomorrow if all goes according to plan, and then my daughter will finally be able to put her new sheets on her new bed and cozy up and we'll pretend like the mixup never happened.

I wonder, who got the original mattress?

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