This was literally all I could think about while I was traveling this weekend.

Last week, Jen Austin shared with you that Idahoans are the absolute worst when it comes to taking the vacation time that we're entitled to.  Like you, I constantly let mine go to waste...but when I saw that two of my favorite artists were touring together at Red Rocks in Denver, I knew I had to make it happen.  So Friday afternoon, I rushed to get everything I needed done and headed straight for BOI.

That's where I came face to face with it.  The germiest place in the entire airport and there was nothing I could do to avoid touching it. I cringed as I picked it up.  Any idea what it is?

The bins you have to put your computers, liquids and shoes in when you go through TSA Security! According to CNN, those bins carry more germs that can make you sick than the toilet seat, hand rails on escalators and self check-in kiosks! In a recent study, they found that almost half of the security bins tested positive or adenovirus, influenza, rhinovirus and human coronavirus (SARS was one of these. Do you remember SARS? It was terrifying.)  To make matters worse? The bins are rarely, if ever, disinfected.

I happened to read the study before I left the station for the airport, so it was legitimately all I could think about the days that I had to board planes...and was super grossed out that there's no hand sanitizer provided for travelers on the other side of security! None in the Boise airport. None in the Denver airport.


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