To be healthy and fit, it turns out we don't have to run marathons or hit the gym very hard.

Here's some great news about how the Greenbelt, or maybe the Table Rock Trail, can improve health and extend our lives.

All it takes to get healthy and live longer, according to TIME, is a brisk 15 minute walk on a trail.  The government said in the past we needed two hours and thirty minutes of activity to be at a prime, but there's new evidence that we just need a quick walk and we can be done with the exercise for the day.  The hike should be moderate to vigorous, but the great news is, it's quick!  And 15 minutes is a reasonable target, that we can squeeze in over a lunch hour or after work.

What the article doesn't say, is that if we follow up the exercise with six beers and a whole pizza, we might not fully reap the benefits of the fresh air and cardio.  And then we might have to walk an hour to burn it off, and up the anty on the 9.8-mile Crestline Sidewinder Loop Trail next time.  The Hulls Gulch Nature Trail is a good option too.

It's going to be hotter and in the 90s next week, but the rest of this week and this weekend look great for hitting the trails. For 15 minutes anyway.

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