You're usually really good at pulling out unique facts that only someone from Boise would know, but there's one more that has escaped you, and it involves silicon.  This will be a fun trivia fact to pull out at parties.

Boise State is doing some groundbreaking work right now that could lead to high-tech products in living rooms across the country, and it's pretty cool to know that the cutting-edge research starts right here in the Treasure Valley.

While you're hanging out at happy hour today chatting about back-to-school fashions, the Olympics, and the worst roundabouts in Boise, add this little gem to the list.  No one at your table will know what in the world "scaling ink synthesis" is or what's involved in the process of "tailoring the conversion process for silicon chips."  But this is why they should care.

Boise State is blazing a trail in research that will eventually lead to more high-tech commercial products.

Idaho Commerce doesn't give grants to just anyone, and the talented researchers at Boise State are getting a wad of money to gather information on subjects that will eventually lead to electronic devices like LED arrays and products that can charge commercial lithium-ion batteries.

Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission (IGEM) grants go to Idaho public research universities to team up with industry leaders for work that will eventually turn into commercial products.  The IGEM Council is giving $49,011 to Boise State to help researchers and industry partner, Iris Light Technologies Inc. in developing scaling ink synthesis and tailoring the conversion process for silicon chips. Another award of $49,011 is going to BSU and industry partner, Pitch Aeronautics to tweak their software and hardware design after testing and customer feedback.

Just this year the IGEM Council says it has awarded over $1 million for research and development of innovations that benefit Idaho and beyond.  Congrats, Boise State!

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