If three of our lawmakers have anything to say about it, Idaho is going to have zero problems related to driving-under-the-influence soon.  These three legislators are being recognized as some of the best in the U.S. at cracking down on drunk drivers.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving is well-known for its efforts to keep drunk and drugged drivers off the road, and they're watching lawmakers across the country to see which ones are helping that cause the most.  The group is recognizing Idaho Representative Ryan Kerby, Representative Melissa Wintrow, and Senator Grant Burgoyne as some of its 2018 Legislators of the Year.

MADD recognized 31 lawmakers from 13 states, including six from Alabama, four from Colorado, three from Iowa, Idaho and New Jersey, two from Louisiana, Rhode Island, South Carolina and Wisconsin, and one from Indiana, Hawaii, Michigan, and Oklahoma.  MADD doesn't just want to cut down on issues related to drunk driving.  They want to get rid of them completely.

The Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving was launched in 2006 and they've asked every state to put laws in place that will help make that happen.  One of the big priorities has been the ignition interlock program for any convicted drunk driver with a suspended license, and it's a system that won't let them start their car unless they're sober.  A few years ago there was just one state (New Mexico) with the system, and now there are 32 states with interlock laws in place, including Idaho.

If you're seeing more high-visibility sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols, know that MADD has been a big proponent of that too.

When you're tailgating at a Boise State game or out for the night in Bodo, we know you don't get behind the wheel afterward because you're on top of your game.  Just watch out for the "other guy," as my grandpa used to say.  It's nice to know that MADD is watching too.

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