Boise State has spring break next week, and Boise public schools will be out the week of the 27th.  That might mean you're firming up travel plans now.  Here's a shocking little reminder that not all of the drivers out there with you will be sober. crunched a bunch of numbers and ranked all of the states in terms of the number of DUI arrests, accidents, deaths related to DUI, and the number of drivers who admitted to having too much to drink before getting behind the wheel.  It's not pretty.

It seems like everyone knows they're not supposed to drink and drive, and yet it happens.  The idea that one night of bad choices can change a life forever, is not enough to keep Idaho drivers stone cold sober.

Idaho ranks 11th among states for DUI-related problems.

These are the states that rank ahead of Idaho:

1 Wyoming
2 North Dakota
3 South Dakota
4 Montana
5 South Carolina
6 Mississippi
7 New Mexico
8 Kentucky
9 Maine
10 Arkansas

Heavily populated states like New York and California are not ranked high on the list, which makes us wonder if wide open rural spaces are the prime spots for DUI-related accidents.  That's a little scary, and makes you think differently about that pickup truck coming toward you in rural Idaho.

Here's the big shocker.  Idaho has increased its DUI troubles by 32.1 percent since last year, according to Yikes.  Only Maine, Arizona, Oregon, and Vermont had bigger jumps in that amount of time.  Seventy people died in DUI-related accidents last year in Idaho, and we had 5,844 DUI arrests.

We're not trying to pop the spring break fun balloon, but it is important to have a heads up on these things.  Oh, and if you're going to go nuts with the green beer on Friday for St. Patrick's Day, call a sober friend or Uber or Lyft, and and spare yourself a potential arrest, ya know?  Idaho is counting on you.

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