The stores are going to be twisting our arms this holiday weekend with some legit deals, and some things will be total steals.  It's a matter of knowing what to snatch up and what to leave alone.

Why is it that three-day weekends always bring the best mattress sales?  Who knows!  Maybe it's because we're finally going to take the time to sit down and relax, and maybe even take a nap, and that means it's the perfect weekend to break in a new bed.  Just bring us food and water every once in a while, and make sure our phones are charged.  See ya Tuesday.

Some of the best Labor Day prices will be on mattresses.  And anything summery.  If you swim year-round as I do, this will be the weekend to buy five or six bathing suits to stock up for those winter laps at the indoor pool.

The Best Labor Day Deals, according to CNN:

Summer clothes.  Summer tanks, shorts, and bathing suits might be 70 or 80 percent off!  Even though jacket weather is coming, this is a good time to buy essentials that we'll wear under other layers.  If we add a coupon to the big discounts, we might end up with a cami for two bucks.

Outdoor things for the patio.  Prices on grills and patio furniture will be slashed by 30% to 70%, and garden tools will have deep discounts too.  The stores know plants are dying and we'll be moving the party inside soon, so they're letting us have the outdoor stuff for less.  There's still some good fall weather ahead though, and some time to make the most of it.

Mattresses.  Yup!  These won't be marked down as much as summer clothes and patio furniture, but we can still save 10% to 20%, and sometimes they'll throw in sheets or pillows on top of the mattress (literally).  When I bought a mattress last year, the store tossed in a premium mattress pad and waived the delivery charge.

Cars.  The  2020 models are coming, and dealers want the 2019s off the lot to make room.  "Twenty-twenty" sounds cool, but if you're not a numbers geek then maybe the odd-numbered and therefore slightly inferior 2019 model will do.

Yahoo says there will also be good deals on vacuums and TVs.  And USA Today mentions good deals on computers and Bluetooth speakers.

The point is, there will be huge savings on a lot of stuff this weekend, and if we're not grilling we'll probably be shopping.  It's kind of a toss-up whether we should spend thousands on a brand new car or ten bucks on a t-shirt, but we can figure that out as we go.  And save some of it for Christmas.

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