The internet has decided that hot dogs are indeed sandwiches, and that is so wrong!  While we argue that out, we'll also highlight the five best places to get a sandwich wannabe in Boise.

The web has been fighting about whether or not hot dogs can be classified as sandwiches for years, and apparently, the argument has finally been settled.  Hot dogs ARE sandwiches, according to 53 percent of Americans.  Oh no, they didn't!  The other 47 percent are correct.  Minority rules, just this once.  (Insert your favorite emoji here.)   A sandwich needs flat meat in order to be considered a sandwich, not a big, round weenie, right?  And a sandwich needs specific condiments that hot dogs can't handle.  Would you ever add lettuce or mayo to a hot dog?  No.  Wait a minute, that does kind of sound good.  But still, a sandwich needs flat meat and a hot dog doesn't provide that.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

While we let the internet hash out less important things, it feels good to highlight the best places for hot dogs around Boise.

The 5 Best Hot Dog Spots in the Treasure Valley, according to Yelp:

1.  Scotty's Hot Dogs - It's a food truck, so the location shifts.  Tomorrow the truck will be at Pioneer Federal Credit Union in Meridian from 11 to 1 and Scotty's said on Facebook that the first 25 meals are free!  Then the truck will head back to the Boise fairgrounds tomorrow night from 5 to 9.

2.  Foxy Franks - It's a food truck, so the location shifts.  This week the truck will be at County Line Brewing, Payette Brewing, and Hobby Lobby in Nampa.  Keep up with the truck on Facebook.

3.  Top Dog Grill - Capital Blvd and Main Street in Boise.  They're closed Monday and Tuesday, according to Yelp, but any other day of the week you can get a regular dog or a footlong brat.  Check out the menu HERE.

4.  Twisted District Brew Co. - 3840 W. Chinden set 110 in Garden City.  The Chicago dog has peppers, onions, and tomatoes on top, and you can dip it in a big dish of mustard.  No ketchup!

5.  Gandolfo's New York Delicatessen - 1410 W McMillan Rd Ste 110 Meridian.  They've got Nathan's Famous hot dogs on the menu, and sometimes that involves sauerkraut and chili.  It's a competitive eating competition waiting to happen.

Those are all great places to polish off a non-sandwich, and if you have other ideas about the best hot dog spots please let us know.  We love to eat too.

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