Boise is full of microbreweries, coffee shops, bike shops, and a ridiculous number of car washes! You might not think of one car wash being better than another, but there are many differences. Some have brushes, others are touchless, and others are full-service. To determine the best car washes in Boise, we took the top five Yelp ratings. All of these are based entirely on customer reviews. Because there are so many car wash chains, each location is reviewed individually.

#1 - Bluebird Express Car Wash
8506 W Overland Rd, Boise
5/5 Stars (16 reviews)
With only 16 reviews, it is a little easier to get a higher score. Still, the reviews are excellent, especially when it comes to customer service. Other common review highlights talk about the fact that their vacuums also have compressed air to get crumbs out of hard-to-reach places and the fact that they have floor mat cleaners.

#2 - Epic Shine Car Wash
2836 E State St, Eagle
4.5/5 Stars (17 Reviews)
This location seems to score high because of its convenience. The location is excellent for people going back and forth to work in Boise. The reviews almost always mention affordability.

#3 - Mister Car Wash
1300 W Front St, Boise
4/5 Stars (47 Reviews)
If you like having your car washed often, places with monthly memberships, like Mister Car Wash, are great. This particular location just off the connector is pretty busy, but with four lanes, two for members makes the line go quick. They have free vacuums, and the reviews all seem to talk about the perks of membership.

#4 - J's Ultimate Hand Car Wash
3756 Chinden Blvd, Garden City
3.5/5 Stars (48 Reviews)
This is a full-service car wash. They handle the inside and the outside. The positives of a place like this are that you don't lift a finger. The negative is that they take quite a bit longer, so you have to plan some time for your visit. It's the extra time that seems to hurt them in the reviews.

#5 - Rocket Express Car Wash
12345 W Fairview, Boise
3/5 Stars (51 Reviews)
I found a few reviews that mentioned the system shutting down anytime someone honks. That seems to lower the scores here. The positives come from customer service and the self-service floor mat washer.

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