We are fortunate to live in a state that is pretty easy to spell. Idaho is written almost exactly the way it sounds. At least we don't live in Mississippi or Massachusetts. While some states have to deal with city names like Worcester or Pflugerville, we have cities like Nampa, Meridian, Caldwell, Star, and Middleton.

Not all of Idaho's cities are easy to spell, especially after hearing how they are pronounced. Kuna, anyone? You would think that Boise would be easy, and it is for those of us that have been here for any length of time, but for out of towners and people that have never visited, Boise isn't easy to spell or say. If you don't believe me, just try explaining to someone that isn't from here that there is no "Z" sound in Boise.

It's not just Boise that people have a hard time with. In fact, even people who have lived in Idaho their entire life have trouble spelling some of these cities and towns.

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Many towns in Idaho are easy to say and easy to spell. Some are easy to say but hard to spell. And some are hard to say and hard to spell. Whether you were born and raised in Idaho and you've only been here for a few months, these are the most commonly misspelled towns in Idaho.

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