Now that it's Sunday night, I've got the laundry going, dishwasher running, and I'm paying bills and doing some work to get ready for the week.  Looking back, what a great weekend!

Not just a great weekend, but a quintessential Treasure Valley Weekend.  Hope yours was good too.

Ours started with a pretty chill Friday night, and then we took our time getting rolling on Saturday morning.  The plan was we would be doing the fair, so we headed out to be there shortly after it opened.

Jeff Connell, Townsquare Media

That ended up being a great call since the lines for rides hadn't gotten too packed out yet.  We got our unlimited wristbands and headed for the wheels, the slides, the scrambler, the haunted house, the mirrored house, and the bumper cars.

The kiddo and I both enjoyed the chance to hang, ride the rides, consume numerous lemonades, and walk through the livestock exhibits (until we both agreed the "scent" was strong enough that we knew our time was over).  We had a blast, and the Western Idaho Fair was a great weekend event.

Jeff Connell, Townsquare Media

Saturday night and Sunday morning marked the return of the dreaded homework.  The kiddo was less-than-thrilled to be back at it, but our agreement was homework was to be completed and then we could get the raft packed up and head to float the Boise River.

Jeff Connell, Townsquare Media

He lived up to his part of the deal, so we headed to Ann Morrison park, got our gear, and grabbed the shuttle to Barber Park.

It was a perfect day to float the river, we had a blast, and then came home to get organized for the week.  This was another weekend that reminds me how much I love calling the Treasure Valley home, and how many great things we have to do here.