The Western Idaho Fair returns to Expo Idaho, on August 18-27. Many are excited about the rides and concerts. We're most excited about the FOOD!

The Western Idaho Fair is celebrating its 126th Anniversary this year. According to the fair's website, it began in 1897 under the name "Intermountain Fair." Back then, fairgoers could look forward to agricultural events, horse racing and rodeo events. Rather than the epic concerts that the fair hosts at the grandstand today, the acts included war reenactments and plane performances.

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Over its 126-year history, the fair has actually had three different locations. The first Intermountain Fair was where 2nd Street is now between State and Idaho. It moved to Fairview and Orchard in 1902 and eventually to Expo Idaho in 1967.

Annual Hot Dog Lunch Held For Lawmakers On Capitol Hill
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Over the years, the fair grew to include carnival rides, concerts and, of course, dozens of food vendors! Of all the food vendors, we're willing to bet that there are none quite as famous as the "Pronto Pup" booths. The Peterson family has been bringing the tasty corndogs to the Western Idaho Fair for nearly 80 years!

You grab one every year...but how much do you REALLY know about the hot dogs on a stick? Brush up on these "shocking" truths before you head to this year's fair. You may appreciate them even more after you do!

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