During the holidays, there are plenty of silly things for people to fight over.

When is it took early to start listening to Christmas music?

Should stores be open for shoppers on Thanksgiving evening?

Is Die Hard really a Christmas movie?

They're silly arguments, but man do people feel passionately about their viewpoints on those issues.  One question that really took center stage in 2018 was "In the #MeToo era, should radio stations still be playing the Christmas classic 'Baby, It's Cold Outside?'" The argument against the 1944 Christmas song was that the lyrics felt a little too much like a date-rape incident. The argument for the song was the fact that 1944 was clearly a different time and the song was meant to be a playful exchange between two consenting adults. Our LITE-FM listeners overwhelmingly supported the decision to keep several versions of the song on our Christmas playlist.

This year, The Voice judges John Legend and Kelly Clarkson teamed up to give the classic song a lyric makeover for the 21st Century. Give it a listen by clicking play on the video, check out the new lyrics HERE and tell us what you think. Santa is coming to LITE-FM very, very soon and we want to know whether or not the new version of the song is something that will get you in the holiday spirit.

Quite frankly, I think the new lyrics are hilarious and feel just a little bad for Murray, Kelly's Uber driver at the end of the song!

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