Last week one of my co-workers popped his head in my office and said "I think I want to run another race before the any of 2019. There's probably not any left, are there?"

I was pretty excited to tell him he was wrong. One of my favorite races of the year is coming up on Saturday, December 21! He's a Boise High alum, so I was pretty shocked he wasn't familiar with it. It starts and ends right outside the school and has been around for 36 years.


That was a good reminder to me that for some of you 2019 may been the year that you made a goal of being more active and just started running or walking. You may have never thought about being part of a road race before. With that in mind, it's my pleasure to introduce you to the YMCA Christmas Run which is part road race and part costume contest.

The YMCA Christmas run offers three different distances" a six mile, two mile or one mile Reindeer Dash course.  All of them start and finish at Boise High School. Before the gun goes off there's a costume contest on the school's stairs and people bring their "A Game" for it. Last year there was a family who dressed up their kids at reindeer and had them hitched up to a red wagon that served as Santa's sleigh. Someone else made an entire Santa coat out of duct tape and I'll never forget the woman who dressed herself up as a carton of egg nog!

After the race, you're invited to grab some warm soup from Panera and the Boise Co-Op, a bagel from Blue Sky and come back inside to take some fun photos with your friends in the Photoboothboise Photo Booth.

All of that (plus the fact that the course is NOT on the Greenbelt) makes this race one of my favorites every year!

Want to sign-up? Click HERE to get started. (You get a t-shirt for signing up!)

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