During the holiday weekend, there were plenty of events happening on and around the Grove Plaza: Empty Bowls, St. Al's Festival of Trees, Idaho Steelheads games. If you made it to one of these events, what did you notice about the Christmas Tree on the Grove Plaza?

If you said "it looked like it was taking a nap," you aren't wrong. No one knows exactly what caused the 45-foot tree to fall over on Thanksgiving evening. Some people think it could've been the high winds we experienced as the winter storm moved into our area. There was also a Facebook post making the rounds placing blame on a squirrel. (We're pretty sure that one was a joke.)

At any rate, the tree snapped in a few places. Lights and the star that tops the tree were damaged. For public safety reasons, the Downtown Boise Association didn't have much of a choice but to postpone their tree lighting celebration while they looked for a replacement tree.

That new tree is almost ready to go and the tree lighting ceremony is back on! It will now take place on Friday, December 6 at 6 p.m. on the Grove Plaza.

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