How likely we are to get trampled or punched over a big sale on Black Friday depends where we live and which store we're in at the time.

The good news is, Idaho ranks pretty low for Black Friday violence.

Black Friday is the ultimate adventure for people-watchers.  Couples go to stores with a complete strategy about which lines to hit, with husbands in line for a 55-inch flat screen, and wives making the rounds for talking toys and two-dollar towels.  And hopefully everyone gets through it without a sprained ankle, but that isn't always the case.

Violence on Black Friday in the past has involved people getting trampled and punched, and in a few cases, it has included pepper spray and pocket knives.  Some of the worst cases have happened in the South, in states including Arkansas, Alabama, and Louisiana.  Idaho is pretty safe by comparison. studied past Black Friday chaos and ranked states that will have the highest risk for the most trouble this year.  Here's what they came up with.

The highest risk of Black Friday violence:

1.  Tennessee
2.  Arkansas
3.  Alabama
4.  Louisiana
5.  Nevada
6.  New Mexico
7.  Missouri
8.  Alaska
9.  South Carolina
10. West Virginia

Idaho ranks 41st.  In other words, we're in the top ten most well-behaved states on Black Friday.

Walmart tops the list of stores that have had unruly incidents on Black Friday.  And before you go blaming the "people of Walmart" for the chaos, Walmart does have the highest number of stores and therefore more opportunities to find cases of people getting mowed down over hundred dollar laptops.  The mall, Target, Best Buy, and Kohls have also had issues in the past.

Is a flat-screen sale worth potentially getting arrested?  To some, apparently it's black-belt-Friday and they're okay with that.  For the rest of us, sitting at home in our pj's and snuggling up with the laptop for some online shopping seems like a lot better option. And a safer one.

These states have the most well-behaved Black Friday shoppers.  Yay us!  We're on the safe list, according to Reviews.

New Jersey
Rhode Island
New Hampshire

Keep your phone charged in case you need to phone a friend for an assist.  And don't go to a crowded store without a strategy because it's not the time for wandering or meandering.  Black Friday shoppers are on a serious mission.  Good luck!

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