If you've never heard of it before, a "blue law" is NOT a law introduced by Democrats. 

2018's expected to see a record number of retailers keeping their doors closed to shoppers on Thanksgiving.  When we shared the list of Treasure Valley stores following suit, we asked if you were the type of person who loves hitting up big sales immediately after Thanksgiving dinner or the type that lets the tryptophan take over as you settle into the living room to watch football or a holiday movie with family.

Most of you (especially Kasey C. who jumped up in the air with an enthusiastic fist pump and said "NO" to shopping on Turkey Day with more Thanksgiving spirit than anyone else we know) said you rather stay home.  You were so passionate about your answers, I wonder just how many of you would actually vote for a "blue law" if one were introduced in the Gem State.

According to Fox News, Rhode Island, Maine and Massachusetts have had blue laws in effect since the Colonial times. Back then they were put in place to keep early settlers from engaging in thinks that were considered "rigidly moral" on certain days of the year or week.  Today, they make it illegal for most big box stores, large grocery stores (like Albertsons and Winco,) and department stores from being open on Thanksgiving Day (as well as Christmas Day.) The "blue laws" in the three states are all a little different from each other, but it's mostly gas stations and convenience stores on their property and restaurants are exempt from having to keep their doors shut on Turkey Day.

Like I mentioned, these laws have been around for hundreds of years so it's unlikely that any state would introduce a new "blue law" in 2018...BUT hypothetically, would you vote to have one passed in Idaho if that was an option?

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