When Boise’s Bed, Bath and Beyond location Federal Way closed in late March, it created a unique opportunity in an area that’s continuing to grow rapidly.

Bed, Bath and Beyond Winds Down Physical Operations

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media
Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media

The home goods retailer started 2023 by defaulting on its loans and throwing a “Hail Mary” to try to avoid filing for bankruptcy, besides the fact that they knew that realistically the company wasn’t going to make it. They tried to stop the bleeding by cutting jobs and closing underperforming stores, including the Boise location. It wasn’t enough and by April, they did file for bankruptcy and announced they were closing all their physical locations. 

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Overstock.com recently rebranded to the Bed, Bath and Beyond name so the store’s logo and domain live on. Overstock.com now redirects to bedbathandbeyond.com. 

Vacancies Mean Prime Opportunities for New Businesses in the Treasure Valley

Shortly after the Boise location closed, we did a report on potential businesses that may be eyeing the vacant 28,000-square-foot between Home Depot and Fred Meyer on Federal Way. That report looked at what other vacant Bed, Bath and Beyond stores became across the country. Many of the brands mentioned already have stores in the Boise area, but as the trends showed some of these brands opted to move their current location into a vacant Bed, Bath and Beyond rather than open another location. 

Rumor Mill About the Boise Bed, Bath and Beyond Churning

Over Labor Day weekend, a post in a Southeast Boise group on Facebook caught our eye. It read: 

“Hey neighbors. Now that Bed Bath & Beyond is being converted to a pickleball arena, where do you guys go to trade in your used Sodastream canisters and get new ones? Does Fred Meyer do that too?” 

Many neighbors answered the question, but a handful seemed hyper-focused on the potential new tenant at 3615 S Federal Way. We live and work in Southeast Boise, so naturally we were curious too. Here’s what we know about the potential indoor pickleball arena.

Rumor Mill: Is A Fun New Concept Moving into Boise's Old Bed Bath & Beyond?

Whether he planned to start the rumor mill or not, a Facebook user mentioned that the old Bed Bath & Beyond on Federal Way may become an indoor pickleball facility. Here's what we know.

Regardless if S2 Pickleball comes to the old Bed Bath & Beyond location or elsewhere in Southeast Boise, it will be the second indoor pickleball facility planned for the Treasure Valley this year.

Facebook/The Flying Pickle
Facebook/The Flying Pickle


Construction on The Flying Pickle in Meridian is underway and they plan to open next to K1 Speed this fall. That facility will be about 52,000 square feet and include 18 courts and a restaurant called "The Kitchen," which is named after part of a pickleball court.

PREVIOUS REPORT: 15 Businesses Most Likely to Move into the Boise Area's Bed, Bath and Beyond Locations

CNN Business says that the former home goods retailer is popular with people looking to develop these brands. We also discovered that many of the stores that closed in 2021 have already become these stores. Could they take over the locations in Boise or Meridian?

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Some brands themselves are totally defunct. Others have pulled out of the Boise market. No matter which side of the fence they fall on, these stores are nothing but a memory now!


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