We're not sure what's in the water this week, but it seems like everyone in the Treasure Valley is desperately in need of some cheering up. 

Jillian Cobler
Jillian Cobler

We simply posted on Facebook "Today sucks. That is all." And it did. We got notified by an impersonal note left on our door that we have to move out of an apartment we've lived in for six years, in a complex we've lived in for eight, by June 30. They tried to make us feel like they were doing us a favor by offering us a renovated unit for $1100 more a month. We weren't considering moving and this all seems so sudden. So...that day did suck.

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We were surprised how many people replied that they were also having a bad day and that there must be something in the water. That or it's the fact that Mercury is in retrograde.

At any rate, we really wanted to put something together to make you smile. Thanks to some local businesses that have a great sense of humor and a reader board, we think this should do the trick! Over the years, these 14 businesses have made us smile during the commute with funny and sometimes inspiring phrases. The magic of Google Maps lets their greatest hits live on.

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