KTVB legend, Mark Johnson, may have retired in December 2021 but there’s a clip from one of his newscasts that will live on in Boise forever. You know the clip we’re talking about! 

If you don’t, let us refresh your memory. It was almost exactly five years ago and the weekend of June 21, 22 and 23 was going to be VERY, VERY busy in Idaho’s capital city. Not only did you have crowds flocking to Expo Idaho from all over the Pacific Northwest to see Pitbull, The Eli Young Band, Tone Loc and Color Me Badd, there was also a HUGE soccer tournament in town. The Far West Regional Championship itself draws more than 10,000 visitors from 14 different states to the Simplot Sport Complex.


The soccer tournament was the final kicker story of a KTVB newscast and the feel good story took an unexpected turn when Mark Johnson said this: 

Of course, Mark was just kidding but “we’re full” has been a sentiment of Boise residents for years since our population boom started. When that newscast aired, Boise’s estimated population was 224,300. Since then, the American Census Bureau estimates that Boise proper’s population has risen by more than 10,000. Ada County’s population has risen about 11.5% since 2019 if you want to look at the bigger picture. 

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If you couldn’t tell by the amount of orange cones scattered all over I-84 and throughout Downtown Boise, the Boise area is trying its best but is struggling to keep up with the growth. While Mark Johnson was trying to be funny…he’s kind of right. We were full then and we’re definitely full now! 

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But perhaps you stumbled across this article because you’re considering a move to Boise and it came up in your search results. We’ll shoot you straight, because well…no one’s paying us a bonus to get more people to move here!

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This list is meant to be humorous with just a dash of truth thrown in for spice. It is not intended for keyboard warriors without a sense of humor.

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