It doesn't matter if you've lived in Boise a few years, a few decades or your entire life. There are certain experiences where the novelty never wears off. 

When you have friends, family or colleagues give you a heads up that they'll be coming to visit you start running through a mental checklist of all the places that you want to take them. In fact, you're probably thinking about them right now!

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Are they things that you regularly do or places you regularly go? Probably not. Chances are that's because they're places you consider to be a little bit touristy and you feel a little bit like a tourist yourself doing them, even though you live here.

Maybe it's time to break yourself of that mindset. There's no shame in thoroughly enjoying some of the coolest attractions and experiences in the Treasure Valley, even if you feel silly doing it. We asked our listeners which experiences in and around Boise make them feel like tourists in their hometown and this is what they told us!

Author's Note: This is a humor article meant to celebrate Boise. If you don't have a sense of humor or are a keyboard warrior on Facebook...leave now. We don't need that kind of negativity. 

12 Things That Make Boise Residents Feel Like Tourists in Their Own Town

It doesn't matter how long you've lived in Boise. The novelty of these twelve things never wears off. You feel like a tourist every time you experience them!

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