107.9 LITE-FM has a vault full of tickets for the hottest concerts in the Treasure Valley! How do you unlock it and take home a pair of tickets to the show on your summer bucket list? 

Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash
Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

It’s as easy as making 107.9 LITE-FM part of your workday! Use the form below to tell us where you listen to LITE-FM on the job. Then, starting Monday, June 5, be listening for us to call your name at 9:10, 1:10 or 3:10.

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If you hear your name, call us back within 10 minutes and 7 seconds and we’ll give YOU the opportunity to pick which tickets you want to snag from our vault! 

Which tickets can you pick from? Here’s a look at the shows or activities you can pick from!

(Pro-tip: Don’t wait to sign-up! The earlier you throw your name in the hat, the fewer people you’ll be competing against for the tickets that you really, really, really want!) 

LITE-FM's Pick Your Ticket 2023

Starting, Monday June 5, listen for your name at 9:10, 1:10 and 3:10 to pick a pair of tickets to one of these incredible shows!

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