After what had felt like a never-ending winter, it's so nice to be seeing the sun, warmer temperatures, and the grass start to come back from the dormant brown. 

We took advantage of it at our house and played catch for an hour in the backyard.  I love that.

My son is starting little league for the first time.  We're a couple practices in, and though he has some work to do to catch up to where some of the other kids are, for a newbie, I think he's doing pretty well.

I had noticed at practice that he seemed to have a few challenges with accuracy during catch with the other kids, so I hoped that we could start to make some catch a part of our routine on days when he doesn't have practice.

We started that tonight, it was awesome.  Even better than I expected.  It provides some great time outside, but even beyond that, when it's just two of you throwing a ball back and forth, it breeds some fantastic conversation too.

I look forward to continuing our games of catch, and enjoying our backyard and an our fantastic weather.  Here's to spring.


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