When it comes to tacos, you would think that it is all peace, love, sunshine and rainbows, right? What is there to NOT love about a taco!? One series of taco events has people all across the nation talking and now, the talk is coming to the Treasure Valley-- maybe?

Yes, warnings online from folks all over the nation are resonating with Boiseans that may be interested in attending a "Taco and Margarita Festival" coming to town in a matter of days. The overwhelming message is: don't go.

We should first clarify that nothing about this festival is local. When I fist came across the event online, I thought that it was peculiar that a company called "AZ Food Festivals" was behind it. If there's one thing that Boise LOVES, it's keeping it local. No offense, Arizona.

In a video posted online just days ago, a man who paid over $40 to get into this festival, which was in Buffalo, New York, calls the festival "complete garbage". The video shows just how...BLAH these tacos look and even called the entertainment "the worst guy singing I've ever heard in my life".

In another feature of the festival, a news outlet in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania headlined an article: "Robbed, Scammed, Bamboozled". Yes, the good folks in Pittsburgh weren't too happy about the festival any more than our friend in Buffalo was.

You can read that investigative article, HERE.

So what's the deal? Event attendees are filing complaints with their respective Attorney General's offices. The festival is set to pull up to Boise on September 18th-- do you plan to attend?

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