Break out your headphones and turn up the Taylor Swift song you’ve been waiting all summer to listen to. August is here and summer is starting to slip away.

But you’re not crushed about it! You’re one of those “glass half full” people who know that some of the best summer events in the Treasure Valley are still yet to come.

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For years, Labor Day weekend was considered the unofficial end of summer but over the years more and more people start to transition from that summer state of mind into full back-to-school mode around August 1.

Backpack with school supplies
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In our area, that’s totally fair. It gives you just over two weeks before the kids hop on the bus with their brand-new backpacks brimming with supplies. Caldwell, Boise and West Ada all go back to school on Wednesday, August 16. Nampa goes back on Thursday, August 17. The kids in Kuna get to draw out their summer recess a little longer. They go back on Thursday, August 24. 

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If we’re getting technical, meteorological summer isn’t over until the last day of August. Astronomical summer is even longer. The first day of astronomical fall isn’t until September 23, so wait a little bit longer to start daydreaming about pumpkin spice and dig out the Halloween decorations. There’s at least another month to go before the sun starts going down before 8 p.m.

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media
Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media

Squeeze every little ounce of fun out of what’s left of summer by checking out these fun and FREE community events that are all scheduled to take place before the end of summer!

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