It's the insurance you hope never to really need, and of the most debated political issues in the last year.  It's your healthcare, and yesterday, open enrollment began across Idaho.

Our exchange, Your Health Idaho, is now providing access to 299 plans from four medical providers and three dental providers.  Contrary to what stories in the media highlight for other states, Idaho seems to have many options and levels.  For the coming year, the average monthly premium for a 35 year-old (using a tax credit) will go up by just $1 if they are in the lowest cost silver plan.

If you receive coverage through your employer, you are not eligible for the plans on the exchange.  Almost 106,000 Idahoans did participate in open enrollment and purchased plans last year, which made our state one of the highest in participation.

Though the cost of plans is rising this year, the larger tax credits are helping to offset the cost.

You can find much more about the system and what is being offered this year when you check out coverage from the Spokesman-Review.



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