As your kids grow-up, you want them to have the opportunity to experience the best of everything. The best education, the best teachers, the best extracurricular opportunities, the best school sports.

These are all factors that took into account when putting together their definitive ranking of the best public high schools in Idaho as the 2021-2022 school year gets underway. Niche explains that their goal when grading school across the nation is to grade these schools on a "full experience."

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While the their rankings and grades are heavily weighted based on academics, they take into a school's culture/diversity, clubs and activities, health and safety, resources and facilities and sports. That information comes from several sources like the U.S. Department of Education and reports from the schools themselves. Real life data from parent and surveys on overall experience collected from Nice users is also part of the formula. 

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Once they crunched all of the numbers for traditional high schools in Idaho, this is the way things shook out.

Idaho's Top 10 Best Public High Schools

According to the rankings on, these schools earned the distinction of the best public high schools in the Gem State. Factors considered included academics, teachers, clubs & activities, administration, food, diversity, college prep, health & safety, sports and resources & facilities.

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