LITE-FM Christmas Wish 2017 had ONE more job that was started and is now completed, and we just want to say thanks to Advanced Heating & Cooling for helping Gwen out big time. 

Gwen now has a new furnace to ensure her heating and cooling needs are met, and it's all thanks to your generosity, our partners at Pioneer Federal Credit Union, and Advanced Heating & Cooling.

Gwen's friend Rochelle sent us this Christmas Wish this year:

I know she is a single, great mom of 3 kids. She does everything she can to make sure they have what they need and does what she can to volunteer and be involved in their activities despite her busy work schedule. 

Recently she had to replace pipes under the house after she found a foot of standing water. That alone caused a lot of problems but then I found out it took all the money she had saved for a new furnace.


She had been saving all last year while they used space heaters to heat their home so now she is facing the same situation this year.

That was enough for our friends at Advanced Heating & Cooling to say they would step in, and they set Gwen up with a new furnace, and hopefully, a bright start to a much smoother 2018.

Advanced Heating and Cooling
Advanced Heating and Cooling

A huge thanks once again to our community and some incredible businesses that make the Treasure Valley such a special place to call home.