The community continues to mourn the death of legendary broadcaster Larry Gebert. His celebration of life ceremony will be this Tuesday at 10 am at the Cathedral of the Rockies. The public is invited to attend the ceremony.  

Larry Gebert Remembered

A look at the life and career of KTVB's Larry Gebert

Larry may be gone, but he's not forgotten. The Idaho Press reports that a group of over 200 people has signed an online petition. The goal is to have Governor Brad Little declare the month of April officially "Larry's Treasure The Weather & Get Together Non-profit Awareness Month."

The hard-charging broadcaster died last week from a massive heart attack.  He was surrounded by his family as he passed away.  Larry worked at KTVB for over thirty years.  He was instrumental in helping local charities raise awareness for their special causes.

Would you support making April Larry Gebert Month?

How do you remember someone who provided over thirty years of giving?  If you would like to sign the online petition you can click the link here.  It would be a nice gesture to honor Idaho's favorite weather forecaster.  When he wasn't on the air, Larry loved to go camping, waterskiing, and on cruises with his friends and family.


From the website honoring Larry:

Everyone usually knows that April Showers Bring May Flowers. Plus lately, Idaho Gives is sometimes hosted the last week of April, and the first week of May.  So it seems right that from April 1st to 30th, a month of looking back on Larry's efforts will help us prepare for each Summer season that lies ahead.  The community will remember the endless morning live shots of Larry at the zoo, the community theater, or literally on the side of a mountain.  Who else would do that for any business?

Larry devoted many extra hours scheduling nonprofits to profile.  Most folks don't know that Larry wasn't required to go out into our area.  He did so because he knew that broadcasters have a duty to serve.

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