When it comes to enjoying an authentic Pronto Pup in the Treasure Valley, you have exactly three opportunities to enjoy one: the Western Idaho Fair, Canyon County Fair and Art in the Park. The pandemic took all three of those of those delicious events away from us this year. 

We're glad you stopped here before weeping over a some generic corndog brand you picked up in the frozen food section at the grocery store! Did you know actually sell name brand Pronto Pup flour mix on-line?! 

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There's options for you just to buy the flour mix or packages that also include the sticks to get cooking at home! Once your mix arrives, grab 10 to a pound package of hot dogs (the better quality of dogs you buy, the more fair like your Pronto Pups are) and get your deep fryer warming up to 375º. Then click HERE for the official cooking directions.

While you're waiting for your flour mix to arrive, you can jump HERE to read the truth no ones tell you about Pronto Pups. Pronto Pups have a fascinating origin story! I learned a lot about them after someone blew my mind by telling me they're a not unique to Idaho treat!

Growing up in Northeast Ohio, I'd never heard the name Pronto Pups. Corn dogs were just corn dogs and no one got excited about getting one at the fair. I grew up in a very Polish and Italian area, so people were all about pierogis, Italian sausage sandwiches and stromboli as fair food!


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