I guess The City of Trees has really made an impact on me.  This is a picture of a huge tree that sat right outside our office.  It was already in the process of coming down and I hate that. 


This is kind of a new position for me.  I always liked having trees around (having grown up in the Northwest), planted and maintained them in my yards, and appreciated the beauty at shade this one provided at work.  It made the perfect place to grab lunch, get out for a breath of fresh air, and shaded my office too.

Connell - Big Tree 3

Unfortunately, this specific tree wasn't healthy, and so the bosses and building management decided it needed to come down.  In seeing what they chopped down, it's clear they were right.

Connell - Big Tree 4

Still, walking up to the office today, I can't help but miss the giant shade provider that stood here just 24 hours ago.  I guess i need to accept, I've become a treehugger.

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