Have you ever wanted to be famous? Even just to your friends and community? Well now's a good chance at some self gratitude and pride. The city of Boise is currently in construction for a new park in Downtown. The visuals they have release with the plans look pretty darn cool. Overall a great looking place to catch some peace in downtown. The future park and current construction site is at 11th and Bannock.

The city is asking for help and input from the community. They need a name for the park and want your help. The Department of Parks and Recreation said that several potential names have been submitted but they are looking for the public to be involved again before a final name is chosen.

The park came to be after some city voting a few years back showed a need for more public parks downtown. Due to a partnership between CCDC, The City of Boise, and Eleven Eleven West Jefferson, LLC the $4.3 million dollar park became a possibility and has moved forward.

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The area that the park is being built is situated along a bicycle path and corridor making it a great spot for a stop for many pedestrians. It is also easy to get to and from downtown. The key features as listed on the City of Boise website include:

A large, tree-lined green space
Public art
Shaded seating
New streetscapes along all three street frontages
Pedestrian alley with limited auto access
Public restrooms
Places to store bikes

So what would you name the park? To make official submissions click here and make sure it follows these guidelines:

Be culturally, historically, or environmentally significant
Be in any language
Not be named after a particular individual, company, or organization unless it has significance to the site or other appropriate Boise connection
Names can be submitted March 2 through March 16


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