These Are the Best Times to View Autumn Colors in Idaho
Fall foliage is going to peak soon, and if you know when to grab the camera and capture the leaves changing colors, you'll be the autumn champion of social media.

The fall foliage prediction map is out, and it gives us the best times and places to truly soak up fall.
Trade Off To Keep Car Cool
Most of us deal with this conundrum every day; Should we park in the shade to keep the car cool or avoid the sap and downside of parking under the shaded spots.
I've Realized I Love Big Trees
I guess The City of Trees has really made an impact on me.  This is a picture of a huge tree that sat right outside our office.  It was already in the process of coming down and I hate that.
Idaho Trees And Lakes Help Us Live Longer
It turns out that fishing trip to Lucky Peak State Park does more than give you an opportunity to hang out with friends, drink beer, and catch food. Being close to nature helps us live longer, and women benefit the most. Here's why.

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