The Arbor Day Foundation will send you lots of free trees that are right for the Treasure Valley climate, guaranteed to grow in Boise. Here's how to get 'em.

When you join the Arbor Day Foundation in April, they'll send ten free trees your way to plant in your back yard.  Or, if your green thumb is on the fritz, you can choose to send the trees to someone else to enjoy.

I did this about five years ago, and they sent me some beautiful trees with names that I recognized.  My mom did not pass down the green thumb, but I did my best with the little tiny seedlings when they arrived.  They did catch on and grow, and remained disease free and endured the weather and started to thrive.  And then I moved to a different house.  My bad.

The cost to join the Arbor Day Foundation starts at ten bucks and then the free trees arrive early next month, when the Arbor Day folks decide the time is right for planting in Idaho.  And they are the experts on these things.

The varieties include Colorado Blue Spruce, Wild bird Garden, River Birch, Oak, White Fir, and others.  They're seedlings, so don't be expecting a semi truck to pull up at the house with all your huge trees.  The ten trees will probably fit inside a little box that the delivery guy will leave on your doorstep.  Baby trees just looking for a good place to grow up.

Check out the Arbor Day Foundation's membership page for more. And leave our rough winter in the dust.

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