Best Boise Greenbelt Stops in Downtown
The entire belt stretches for 25 miles. I have yet to get all of those miles visited but hope to get all sections covered this summer. Here are some of the best stops along the way that I have found so far. These are all within a 5 mile radius of the greenbelt right in downtown.
New Park is Coming to Nampa
A groundbreaking ceremony happened Thursday in Nampa for a new space that will include a playground, swimming pool, and sports practice fields.  It sounds like a great new spot for family fun, but there is one thing that might slow it down.
Time to Float
The floating season on the Boise River has started.
Here are the rules you need to know.  If grandma will get all mad because of what you're doing, then don't do it.  No alcohol, drugs, no cleaning the kitchen at all.  Children age 14 and under are required by state law to we…