Vegas isn't happening, so the NFL is having to make big changes to its plans for the NFL Draft in April.  It will be a lot quieter this time, and all of the swivel chairs will be at least six feet apart.

Remember when we used to watch football and eat fun food on the weekends?  Oh, those were happy times. Sports fans are having a rough time of it right now with every game on hold, and we're relying on the upcoming NFL Draft to give us some hope that we can get back into the stands soon.

Right now, all events are canceled at Century Link Field in Seattle because of the coronavirus situation, and we're hoping all of this lifts by the time the Seahawks are ready to kick off the preseason in August.  Once we can safely let loose, that might be the perfect place to burn off a whole lot of cabin fever.

The NFL is preparing for games this fall, and the NFL Draft is part of that process every April.  The plan was to hold the draft in Las Vegas this time to celebrate the Raiders move from Oakland to Vegas, but the coronavirus pandemic put an end to those plans.

Right now, the NFL is planning to set up a TV studio that will be home base, and they'll cut away to each team's headquarters when they're about to make a pick.  The top players are usually invited to the draft and showered with attention in the arena, but this year they may have to stay at home on the couch.  If they're invited to the TV studio, no fans will be there to watch them pick up their new jersey and hat.

After America opens up and gets into the swing of things again, I'm never going to take another thing for granted as long as I live.

When the Dallas Cowboys picked Leighton Vander Esch #19 overall in the 2018 NFL Draft, he became the fifth player in program history to be picked in the first round.  Curtis Weaver is expected to be a high pick this year and could be added to that prestigious list.  Ezra Cleveland, John Hightower, and John Molchon are hoping to land on NFL teams too.

It may look different this year, but it will happen.  Come on football.  The NFL Draft is set for April 23 through 25.


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