Today is opening day of the Canyon County Fair!  One thing I absolutely love is to be able to indulge in a corn dog.

I love fair food.  Yep, I said it. Whether on a stick, plate or napkin, I love the smells and the sounds of the fair each and every year.  I have never tried a deep fried Oreo or Twinkie but there are some new fair foods to hit the circuit.  Does a Pulled-Pork Parfait tempt your taste buds?  Read all about some of these tasty creations by clicking here.

Also, if you want to attempt to make your own Funnel Cake, Yum!  This video will show you how.

No matter what your fancy is at the fair.  Come on out and have some fun with us at the year's Canyon County Fair.  Kevin and Brenda will be your emcees this Saturday for the Diaper Derby.

Enjoy the day!  Let me know what fair foods tickle your taste buds.


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