Finger steaks are a known thing in the gem state. In all of those silly little 'What food is your state known for' rankings, it's not potatoes for Idaho, it is always finger steaks. Now restaurants around the state have their own take on finger steaks. So where did finger steaks get started and who started them?

Well the honest answer is no one knows for sure. According to The Idaho Statesman, What we do know is that one of the earliest and possibly the very first establishments to serve finger steaks in Idaho was The Torch Lounge on W. Main Street. Some say that chef Mylo Bybee invented finger steaks when he started cooking at The Torch Lounge in the 1940s to do something with the leftover steak cuts.

Although after decades of getting Boise hooked on the delicious meaty fried strips of goodness, they changed into a bikini-dancer bar and dropped finger steaks from the menu in '97. It was like taking krabby patties away from bikini bottom. (SpongeBob reference anyone? Sorry I have a 7 year old)

While there are dozens of places serving fantastic finger steaks the original recipe from The Torch Lounge has been sought after for decades. 'History of Boise Idaho - From 1863' facebook group nearly broke the internet when they shared the 'original' recipe. What they shared certainly looks like a piece of history. The recipe is written on an old, stained paper.

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The caption from Allen Haumann with the post says, "Everyone has been talking about the Torch and its legendary finger steaks. I decided I'd do y'all a favor and reveal the recipe! My father, Paul "Sonny" Ashley Jr. (nephew of Mylo the inventor) scribbled his recipe onto a piece of scrap paper. He renamed it for himself, but this is it. I'm not guaranteeing that the Torch didn't alter the recipe a bit after Mylo passed away, but this is the original. Please promise me you won't overcook them!"

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“Sonny’s Secret Finger Steak Recipe” Allen Haumann FACEBOOK
“Sonny’s Secret Finger Steak Recipe” Allen Haumann FACEBOOK

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